This Guy!

Not Chandler!

I honestly have no idea where to start from, I’ve probably deleted the first sentence and written it over a hundred times now. I have everything in my mind and it’s hard to express it.

Dear Bharat Bahadur,

I don't know why you took the above photo because I know you're an Iron Man fan and not Thanos. So why? Just why?

This has got me wondering since the day you sent me this photo of yours, sure the graffiti is cool but can’t you find one with an Iron man or RDJ and take a photo? or any other graffiti for that matter? Is this the only graffiti you could find in the entire city of Paris? I just realized that I said graffiti almost 3 times and oh this is the fourth. I need to stop saying graffiti.

Look it’s me and yeah I couldn’t get one with Batman or wearing Batman Tee 😂

I’ll forgive you for that!.

I still remember at the end of 2nd sem, I sat with my parents and told them that I wanted to get out of this college and start all over again elsewhere. I was so close to convincing my parents until those stupid people known as relatives jumped to fuck me over and the rest is history and my future in a dumpster.

When I told them that I had something to say, they were like what did you do? did someone beat you up? or is this about a girl?. I had to give it to the confidence of my parents about the girl 😂. I wish I had that confidence.

Changing classes during 3rd sem is the worst thing that happened to me. I’m so ungrateful to have met you. I thought relatives is the worst thing that happened to me until I met you.

Because of you, I had to sit in every class and complete lab assignments and all those other stupid assignments from which I learned nothing. If there’s anything that I learned from college is that it’s fucking stupid, a waste of time and money. Sorry, this was supposed to be about you and not me venting about college.

I’m waiting for you to come back with some bottles of those French Wine.

Aghh college, Lunchtime was the best for me and bunking post-lunch classes was like the cherry on top. I still remember those samosas, Masala Bun aka lafda and coffee. Post College Bike karaoke was the best, I’m fortunate that we had similar taste in music.

Playing our version of “Khatro Ke Khiladi” going to those unknown cafe/hotels and trying food from there and hoping we don’t get the thing that we aren’t supposed to.

Girmit + Coke Love

And those Exam seasons where analyzing previous year’s question paper and studying on the exam day was our thing.

Once we even went out to eat the day before the exam and still managed to say “Aval number se pass hue”.

US wondering WHY?

Remember when those BITCHES thew us under the bus and we had to host the show for the dumb audience who were too dumb and lacked commonsense to understand our jokes. And whoever took our photos lacked the skills which a 10-year-old kid would get the job done.

I have no idea why I was laughing!

I still have a lot to talk about you and the time that I spent with you but you aren’t worth it 😂.

I promise this will be the last photo I post.

Thank you for everything bru.

You really made me cry by sending that note, I can never forget that.

You’re the best.

I really enjoy and regret the jokes you make on me.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t come to bike rides or movies with you, I regret those too. If I could I would have.

One post isn’t enough for me to talk about you plus, I’m hungry food is calling me.

Thank you for everything and sorry for everything.

I miss you, take care and enjoy your time in Paris.

Love always,


Let’s stay 9 year olds forever! 👊



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