How Crappy Steve Jobs Was?

I call Steve Jobs The Pitbull of Technology and Business! He is Mr. Worldwide If you don’t know him! Its like your from a different planet! He is one of my role model and the best inspiring person! ( Unfortunately I could not meet him! And I regret it even today Every time i get inspired by him or see his achievements etc.)

He has built an amazing Company!

So here’s a post about his marketing technique and how intelligent he was!

Steve Jobs understood how humans react. He literally believed that people are inheritably stupid. This reflects in the very quotes he said:

“We don’t do market research. People don’t know what they want until we tell them.”

“We aren’t driven by people’s expectations.
We design products that drive people’s expectations.”

Steve Jobs knew how market works, he knew if one intelligent person has something and is able to describe how useful it is to him, 100 others will want it even if it doesn’t serve their purpose. He was the best sales man ever.

His methodology can be seen very clearly in Indian Ashrams where lacs of innocent people are fooled for lifetime with promise of getting something which others won’t (Coincidentally Jobs spent his fair share of time in Indian Ashrams too):

1. Tell people that what you’re offering is something very special.
Even if it is normal, market it as ‘reinvented’. Describe it with superfluous adjectives.

2. People care about looks. Give attention to fine details of appearance. Doesn’t matter if it works or not (death grip incident, no file manager, no BT, no mem card slot… Even after paying a leg and an arm) but make it appealing. People will publicise it mouth to mouth if it looks good regardless of how functional it really is. Basic psychology that guys want that most attractive girl of the college. Girls want that handsome badass. No one cares for the heart at first glance.

People want to show off. That’s your sweet spot. Exploit it.

3. People want to feel special. Everyone wants to feel that they are superior be it Hitler or common joe.

So, make them feel special. Name products different (“Think different” ideology at work). iMac, iPhone… Make simple things look special (just like hallucinations. Jobs used LSD in early years so he knew what people want to see in normal things.)

4. Tell people that other are jealous of them because they can’t have it. Even if the other person is right, shut him up by labelling him jealous. Call him poor. Call him weak. This will differentiate you from them. You’ll feel superior and will also save you from the debate which you’d have lost hadn’t you used this tactic. (Remember Jobs’ reply when asked about phablets ? This was it: “They are stupid. Who’d ever want them ? They are like Hummer of mobile phones.” Insult it if you can’t win over it.) But after Steve Jobs left us

That idiot brought #itoy6+ which sucks!

This is the most important step. In ashrams people are taught that if someone questions your faith then tell them they can’t feel what they have because they don’t have it.
Even when they haven’t felt anything. Even if they regret their decisions people will say it. Why ? Because this makes them superior to other. They have something which others don’t.

5. Make it unaffordable. Make it hard to get. This is the truth of life. Harder the aim, more the pleasure upon achieving it.

This strategy of overpricing products works for them. People buy it, dopamine is released and they feel special. They want it not because the product is helpful in their work but because it differentiates them from all those who can’t afford it even when all the others have a better functional phone for half the price.

Look at Apple users they are so proud that they own such a costly device, even if its not worth that much! They feel superior than others!

6. Make the brand name impenetrable to any accusation. Make the name so strong that it itself becomes a reason to add to the product’s value.

Need a similar example ? Ever heard of this: “…because I’m Batman “ the same goes here!

There are other brands who have great products than #Apple has! I would love to give an example, But now I don’t want to start a debate over it! Don’t tell me you haven’t ever heard this argument: “An iPhone is an iPhone dear “.

This is not to say Apple doesn’t make good products. They do. I agree, but not worth the price it asks nor the infallible aura they’re crowned with by people.
I hate the game they play with us. I hate how they use people as sheep who follow any hot trend and I hate how people, even after knowing everything let Ashrams and Apple play with them.

At the end of the day, he is a genius and they are fools!

And I got this Great answers from Quora

I request you all to take a look at this amazing website and get addicted to it! There are lots of things that you can learn from there!

Just take a look at it!.

This post is about Steve Jobs And how Intelligent he was!

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

I’m still working on the format and if you have any idea please do share.

Thank you, Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time.


Originally published at on October 28, 2017.



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