I know the title sounds bit deceptive but, hear me out on this one!

No, I’m not saying you to NOT to Dream Big. But, I just want you to know that dreaming about big goals or achievements is easy, it’s all over the goddamn Internet, you get to see lot of people talking about their big ambitious dreams and how they achieved it and it’s all cool, fancy and awe inspiring to hear about it and I agree with them and hope you too do. And surprisingly that’s the main problem. Everyone talks about the good stuff, the stuff that people want to hear about, the stuff will make you go “Man you know that guy Blaze he is awesome, he achieved his dream and now he is a kcufing billionaire! Holy भेंस”

If you look at the interviews or the talk of successful people, all you can find is them saying “Follow your dreams! You can reach your goals, I’m living proof” and they are absolutely right about it and I completely agree with them on this and I think it is beautiful that this is what’s being shared and positivity has become the norm but, when most people hear “Dream Big” all they think about is the end goal, the part where you have finally achieved your dream and you are famous as hell, so famous that you are on a date with Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson is next on the list, and the list goes on !

All I’m saying is that “saying things” that make other people feel good is easy and uninventive and that’s what the whole Internet is filled, people motivating the shit out of you, hiding you from the harsh reality of what it takes to really to “Dream Big” that is lot less glamorous then are typically associated with. This below quote sums it up to an extent, It’s easy to dream about the end goal, but it takes courage to actually work on it, make sacrifices and not to have any expectations that’s the part that no one ever talks about, there are no meme’s about the struggle!

Let me give you a reference my dear friend Mr.Blaze, he is one of the most amazing and focused person I’ve ever met in my life, he is so possessed with his goals and the amount of patience he has is mind blowing, whenever some of his friends ask him to Hangout or go for a ride or a movie his answer is always “NO” without thinking much he smacks them with a “Hell NO” (Its always either HELL YES or HELL NO- More about this will be coming in my next blog) , when I asked him why does he end up saying NO.

He replied “Why not! I mean yeah sure those things may be fun for a while but will I feel good after doing those activities? will I be happy to spend money and time on those and later not have any of those available for my dreams, I need to invest my time and money in things which matter to me which will help me to achieve my dreams and yeah it’s hard to say no to a pizza, it’s hard to say no to that shoes that I love so much because I want to save that money and invest them in my goals.

I know it’s not huge but it can get me somewhere, if nowhere, and as far as time goes we should learn to invest our time wisely and “It’s not that we have a short time to live but that we waste a lot of it” so I choose to invest wisely, 3 hours of movie may be fun but what if I invest those 3 hours in building at-lest one module or maybe Improve that crappy UI, which is actually productive and it takes me one step closer and that’s why I’m so much into investing my time there than watching some shitty movie which is predictable af!”

I have know this guy, since, he is working his ass off without any expectations but he has made a hell lot of sacrifices and it’s really tough for him, none of his family members know what he actually is working on, and nobody bothered to ask him either and every time he gets mocked for working on something for long hours, so, you see people around you always awaits for things to happen fast and that’s tough without any support from family it can get really hard on anyone, but then he says he is lucky to have a few friends who constantly push him and that makes him happy, he spent his entire teenage working on his dreams while letting go all the worldly pleasure that others were enjoying,and yet he hasn’t reached there but he still keeps hustling and doesn’t expect anything in return because “If you always keep expecting something in return you aren’t living your life you are bargaining with it!” and he also quoted Gary Vaynerchuk “The brother and sister pair of Patience and Hustle are the best siblings EVER!” and that’s what I’ve learnt from him to continuously hustle, have patience, persistence and to never say “YES” to everyone and I couldn’t thank him enough for teaching me some of the life lessons!.

If you want something specific, you have to be willing to let go of the other stuff

I would also like to reference a heavy metal band called “ANVIL”

They were sorta big in the 80’s but, they never exploded like Metallica and the lead singer of this band was so possessed with his dream, he never let go of his dream to be a rock star and a few years later that guy has a minimum wage job delivering food to school cafeteria, like a really unglamorous job, but he never let go of his dreams he would play at bars or wherever possible he refused to give it up to such an extent that everyone called him crazy, so crazy so possessed so insane that someone made a documentary about the fact that he would not give up on his dream, now this documentary was fantastic and that brought so much attention to that guy and the band that people wanted to see them play and then he like booked a world tour and they sold out concerts around the world and he achieved the dream and he was a rock star because he committed his entire life to his dream and then at 60 years old he got it.

So Bharat what’s your kcufing point?

To commit your entire life to a dream, to commit everything chasing that dream It may guarantee you’ll reach that but it doesn’t guarantee a happy or great life, it may mean a life where you are delivering food to a school cafeteria for minimum wage and everyone that you love telling you “Your crazy”, it may mean a life where you have to make sacrifices and willing to let go all the worldly pleasure, it may mean a life where you have to say no to a Pizza and say no to your friends for that dumb-ass movie and stare at your laptop till 3 AM in the morning figuring out that stupid bug and that can be the path, 20–30 years can be the path to pursuing your dream and that part of the pursuit, is not what people like to talk about, there are no meme’s about that part of the pursuit ! and that’s why people give up so easily, everyone likes the ending but only a few are willing to go through the journey, only a few are willing to make sacrifices, if you are one of those individuals who only likes the ending part, the glamorous part then your expectations will hurt you and maybe it’s because you aren’t happy about the journey and maybe it’s not something you love, so don’t just dream things for the glamorous part, dream big on something that you care about and something that you want to commit your entire life to it!

So where does this all go?

Dreams are important, Goals matter as the saying goes “Without a goal you can’t score” If you don’t know where the goal post is how do you know which way to kick the ball, so the only one factor that keeps you on this journey to greatness is HAPPINESS, are you happy going through this path, are you happy to accept pain and struggle that comes from going through this path,then go ahead dream big and work more than you dream and you will eventually reach it but the way you will be happy with what life gives you and that’s what matters the most it’s happiness, you aren’t just happy with the end but you are way happier about the unglamorous part where you have to burst your ass to get shit done and at the end of the day you still have a smile on your face and you can’t wait to do this again and again!

Work more than you dream!

Thank you for reading, let me know what do you think about it and don’t forget to like and share and all those good stuff!

Your’s truly

Bharat Kulkarni

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